What cameras do you shoot with? Canon 5d Mark iii x2 / Canon 5d Mark ii  

What lenses do you use most often? 
35mm 1.2, 50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.8, 70-200mm 1.8 ii 

Do you take interns? I offer mentor sessions throughout the year. 

What is your ideal location for a shoot? Anything outdoors - Preferably in the mountains or halfway around the world. But just give me a little bit of dawn or dusk and I am over the moon. 

How long have you been shooting professionally? Seven years, both internationally and stateside. 

Can you make professional prints? My collections come with online galleries where you will be guided to download a copyright release and your images, but I do have a printing company. Request a price list!

What areas of the world have you traveled to and why? I traveled Southeast Asia in 2007 and went to the Philippines. There I worked with malnourished children and those vastly effected by poverty in a village called Bulacan. 

In 2008, I went to Haiti a few days after an earthquake. I worked with those effected by the crisis and watched many being buried from the aftermath. We fed many children and provided medical aid for several weeks. 

In 2010, I went to the Middle East and was fortunate to travel most of Israel. This was one of my favorite trips - The culture and history is incredible. 

In 2012, I traveled back to Southeast Asia and went to India, Nepal and Thailand, photographing the world's most vulnerable of the poor for an International organization. 

Lately my husband and I are trying to make our way through the US and Canada with my VW TDI, so we often can be found in a tent or cabin along the coast or in the rural Midwest. 

Do you accommodate global &/or humanitarian bookings? Yes! Any time. Any country. 

What accommodations do you require for when traveling? I require that the client covers all transportation, lodging and food. I am simple and always willing to make my own accommodations, so the booking process is simple.



What does your booking process look like? First, you inquire! Then, I will send you pricing and package info. We will go to coffee (or Skype if we are far a part) and get to know each other. Then we do an engagement shoot, we bond, we talk, we laugh, we capture some great memories and by the time your wedding day rolls around, you are dear to my heart! Then, after your wedding we remain friends with some wonderful memories. 

Do you offer half day packages? Your wedding will be such a unique day, filled with beautiful moments and important details that are cherished by you for a lifetime. I believe the overall capturing process involves being around for most of your day, so the minimum package I offer is five hours. I love tailoring my collections my couples by getting to know you and your love story and then having the time to tell that story. 

When do you start? I start when you start. My team loves mornings, we love coffee! So when you are itching to get ready, we are there. We are not concerned about time on wedding days - It is more important to us to capture everything, so we will be one of the first ones there and stay until the last of the reception festivities.

What is your best advice for us while we prepare for our wedding day? Just remember not to rush through your day. Leave time in your schedule. Time for unexpected events, time for extra laughter, time for extra creativity in some photos, time for spontaneous ideas. Let the creative process develop throughout your day, and let yourself relax and breathe deep while you soak in every moment. 



When do you take commercial and culinary bookings? I do commercial and culinary bookings Monday & Fridays from 8am-5pm, and Saturday mornings from 7am-11am.

What magazine style best resembles yours? I am blown away by the work that the Kinfolk and Real Simple crew does. Although I customize each session to fit your brand and vision, my style tends to lean their way. 

Do I have to shut my shop or office down for the day? Absolutely not! Candid and action shots convey a brand best. And adding faces is always a plus.